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My vote for election coverage goes to the NBC Xbox SmartGlass experience. Pretty excellent interactive two-screen experience. Now if only the Android app was available on the Nexus 7…

This is precisely why Foursquare has been my startup crush for years. Not only is it extremely useful for learning what’s around you; it gathers some AMAZING data on behavioral patterns, both in everyday life and in extraordinary circumstances such as Sandy’s reign of terror on New York.

What’s particularly intriguing to me is after the power started coming back on late Friday, people made a mad dash for the bars for a well-deserved drink or five.

Though check-in patterns may have started returning to normal, many people’s lives won’t be for quite some time. Our thoughts are with those still enduring hardships in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Looks like everything is going according to plan. I’m loving these Connected Apps.


The data isn’t fully accurate — it comes from a sampling of 500 of your followers — but it’s still interesting. My numbers are 5 percent fake, 37 percent inactive, and 58 percent “good”. The low fake count is definitely one good side effect of never having been on the SUL.

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This is relevant to me because my follower count wavers a ton, and the new ones don’t always seem very legit. Regardless, I’ve hit 1k, though truth be told this is the 3rd time I hit that milestone since I tweeted about it, and for (seemingly) that exact reason.

Earlier this month, foursquare launched a ground-up redesign of their mobile apps with an even bigger focus on being a recommendation engine for what to do and where to go. This move was designed to court users who want useful community-powered tips, as well as improve usability for the aging app. There were also hints from foursquare about the revamped app experience being a basis for new things to come this summer.

With this week’s launch of Connected Apps, it’s clear foursquare wants to make its mobile apps themselves into a platform for discovery of third-party apps that use foursquare’s API. Several launch partners such as The Weather Channel, Untappd, Soundtracking, and Foodspotting are now providing post-check-in recommendations and other useful data around the places you visit. 

For example, when enabled The Weather Channel will give you conditions and forecasts if you’ve been traveling. A check-in at the local Taco Mac will fetch the hottest beer on Untappd for that particular location and let you check into it or other top brews. Personally, the Untappd integration is great for me, because not only will it remind me to check in with my beer, I don’t have to enter the Untappd app itself to do so.


The addition of Connected Apps into foursquare is a huge win for everyone. Users will find more value in a more robust and customized foursquare experience, and developers have another outlet to get more users and provide relevant data. It’ll definitely be exciting to see the creative ways that app developers will integrate with the service right within the app.


Pinterest - When pinning some image, the selected text of the original page will automatically become your caption.

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Want to be more Twitter-famous than Lady Gaga? That’s the goal of Fame, a fun new “lottery” built on the Twitter API that wants to give one random person 24 hours of Twitter-fame daily. Every person that joins Fame will automatically follow the one user that is selected daily at 12pm ET, and once a new one is selected, everyone will automatically unfollow the old user and follow the new one. It’s no $640 million, but at least your chances are better.

As a heavy Twitter user, this is a pretty exciting game for me. Not only is there the prospect of reach a broader audience with my tweets (if only for a limited time), but there’s the opportunity of finding interesting new people to follow. Some of the winners so far have been great, and others not so much; however, I think I can deal with an annoying person in my feed for one day as long as I keep finding some great new follows.

Unfortunately, the only ways to keep following a person once their Fame ends are to either favorite a tweet of theirs, or re-follow them later. Also, as this game starts to snowball into Lady Gaga proportions, the quality of tweets people entering and winning may see a decline. At that point I may have to make like a hipster and start hating on it.

I’m not entirely sure what I’d do if I won. To start, I’d probably promote a work-related thing or two (without being tacky about it), and of course I’d show some love to any projects that my friends are working on. Other than that, I’d try to have fun with it and put on a good show.

If you’re interested, join here! And if you win, don’t forget the little guy.

What would you do with your 24 hours of Twitter Fame?